Do whatever he tells you “. It was the theme of the 3rd edition of the international Pilgrimage of the Mennaisian Family.

At the Grotto with young people.

This pilgrimage took place from the 14th to the 18th July 2018. More than 200 pilgrims participated: Brothers, Sisters, Lay people, Families, and Young People of the three summer Estival camps…

Many countries were represented, in particular: Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Spain, France, Italy…

Bishop Moutel presided over the celebrations.

This pilgrimage was animated by Bishop  Denis Moutel, bishop of Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier. He gave many talks and guided  visits to groups, young people …

During one of the meetings with the children of the  Estival.

Do whatever he tells you “. It is the year theme of Lourdes that take up Mary’s words to the servants of the wedding at Cana.

During these four days, multiple meetings allowed everyone to experience personal, family, community … moments.

During an evening with all the Mennaisian Family: young people, adults, families…

Participation in the international Mass, Marian candle processions, Mass at the Grotto, Celebration of reconciliation, talks, walk to Bartrès, workshops of reflection and sharing,  …

Bro Hervé Zamor, the new Superior general, present at this meeting spoke on the theme “Calling disciples ” which is going to mark out this second year of the Bicentenary.

Intervention of Bro Hervé Zamor, Superior  general of the Brothers. At his left hand side, Bro Miguel Aristondo, Assistant general.

” If the Mennaisian Family wishes to take up the challenge of calling disciples for  today, it will have to promote a vocation ministry which speaks simultaneously and harmoniously three languages: the language of the spirit, the language of the heart and the language of hands, “commented Bro Hervé Zamor.

Bro Hervé Zamor, Superior general, visiting the young people of the Estival camps, here together with Bro Louis Séité, Provincial Superior.

“First of all, the Mennaisian Family is invited to use the language of the spirit to discern together what is really good, beautiful and true. Then, it has to use the language of the heart to love together what is really good, beautiful and true. Then, it is called to use the language of hands to realise together what is really good, beautiful and true. ”

A touching fact as during the two previous editions, the participation of young people of the Estival association gave energy to the whole group. Three camps were organised in the proximity of Lourdes:

Abord’âge” those children of 8-11 years of age – Faith and Prayer those of 12-15 years of age – and the camp 15-17: those  of 15-17 years of age.

Coordination was assured by the whole team together with Bro. Bouvais Michel and Bro. Gabriel Douaud in particular and with some la people…

Other photos are to come in particularly from Bros Michel Clouet and Mariano Gutiérrez.

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