To help young people learn a job. To enable them to get through it through Apprenticeship and Training. This is the heart of what was highlighted on January 26th ,2022 during the Blessing of the Dungu Training Center in Congo DRC. Three sectors are open: Masonry, Carpentry and Welding. The ceremony was presided by Bishop Émile Mushosho and Bro Hervé Zamor, Superior General of the Brothers. Discovery.

It will now be called « Centre des Métiers St Joseph ”. On this day, in memory of Saint Timothy and Titus, Bishop Émile Mushosho, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dungu-Doruma, Blessed the Dungu Training Center. On occasion the Center received the Surname of Saint Joseph.

Blessing of the Workshops by Bishop Mushosho.

The FIC Youth Choir on the left.

The ceremony began with a Eucharistic celebration animated by the FIC Juniorists. This was followed by the various Blessings: The Participants, t Buildings,  Work tools and  Vehicles.

Bro Pascal Mbolingaba, Visitor and Director of the Center explained the reasons that influenced the Project of this Center: the abandonment of young people not in School to their sad fate. This Learning Center is created to help them take charge of themselves and participate in the Development of their Living Environment.

The Italian Episcopal Conference -CEI- is the Main Donor. The Solidarity Association ASSIFIC and Jean-Marie de la Mennais Province -America- have also made significant contributions.

Beautiful Equipment suitable for Training.

The Center was approved by the Ministry of Vocational and Craft Training and Trades on January 31st , 2018 with 12 sectors: Agroforestry, Tailoring, Masonry, Carpentry-Cabinetry, Veterinary, Electricity, Plumbing-Welding-Fitting, Mechanical-Auto, Aesthetics-Hairdressing, Hotel-Restaurant, Paint-Glazing, Cold and Air conditioning.

This year, three sectors were launched: Masonry, Carpentry and Welding. The other sectors will open up as the financial means allow.

With the Celebrants: in the Centre, Bishop Émile Mushosho together with on his right Bro Pascal Mbolingaba and on his left Bro Hervé Zamor, Superior General.

We were honoured by the Apostolic Administrator of Dungu-Doruma and the presence of Bro Hervé Zamor, our Superior General, on a Canonical Visit to our District.

Bishop Émile Mushosho stressed the value of work in a man’s life. Every man should ask himself if he deserves the bread he eats every day. He invited young people in Formation to imitate the righteousness of Saint Joseph. Brother Hervé Zamor drew attention to Saint Joseph, a Worker.

A small Meal closed the ceremony to everyone’s satisfaction.

Bro Pascal Mbolingaba

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