Making connections, sowing joy… This year’s theme is fully shared between the young people of St Joseph Secondary School of La Guerche-de-Bretagne and those of the Escuelita – the little School of Luján de Cuyo, and the School of San Pablo de Luján de Cuyo, Argentina. Contacts were held several times between Institutions, with the key, films, a cookbook, exchanges with Elise Urvoas, a student who had completed an experience on site. And the young people of the College organized a solidarity meal to help the development of the Escuelita – the small school – of Luján de Cuyo. Explanations with Elisabeth Desprez, Assistant in Pastoral Ministry of the College run by Patrick Bureau.

On April 2nd , the Educational Community of the college shared a solidarity meal – during Lent – the benefits of which -2,465, 51 euros – were intended to support the Escuelita “las Margaritas”, which was already linked to the Mennaisian solidarity Association Assific. Why the choice? At the outset, a wish was expressed by a Spanish teacher at the college, to introduce her students to Argentina through exchanges with Schools in the Country.

The escuelita of Luján de Cuyo continues its development through solidarity actions.





Under the Mennaisian Tutelle, the School San Pablo de Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza) in Argentina was very interested in the approach. An exchange was therefore spontaneously set up between the two Institutions. Last year, students from each school produced video presentations of their School. Then they shared the culinary specialties of their respective Countries by writing a booklet of their favorite recipes!

A solidarity meal that bore fruit…


«This year, during the day of integration of the 1st Form at the Mother House of Ploërmel, some senior pupils came to film the place and present to their Argentinian friends the Museum of JMLM, the Astronomical clock of Brother Bernardin, the «unavoidable» in connection with the Founding Father. Brother Pierrick Busson addressed a beautiful message in Spanish to the students of San Pablo High School on the occasion of the Mennaisian Week.

In addition, through Brother Olivier Migot, we contacted a young student, Elise Urvoas, who had just completed an experience at this Institution. By Video Conference Elise exchanged with the students about her stay and experience in the San Pablo High School and presented the project of the Escuelita. It was during this exchange that the students of our College discovered this project and wished to implement an action to support it».
Below is a letter of thanks addressed by Gabriela Araujo, Teacher of Luján de Cuyo to the young people of St Joseph’s College.


Recognition and Joy!

“Dear students of Saint Joseph College,

What a pleasure it was to hear from you. Your support of the Escuelita made us very happy. For us this was a lot of money.

It is difficult to express with words the joy and gratitude of our entire Community thanks for your help and support for the Escuelita.

May our gratitude and joy be passed on to everyone involved in this project. Soon we would try to send you a video of the children you helped with your generosity.

A second wave of the virus is currently affecting Argentina. The situation is difficult for many. For the moment, we had resumed, without difficulties, the Courses of face-to-face for two months.

Brother Ricardo Morzan asked me to send you these photos to share with all those who supported this project.

I send you my warmest Greetings. Be well and the classes can run as smoothly as possible.”

Prof. Gabriela Araujo

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