“Following Jesus gives me peace of mind! ” Olivier Giroud,ex-captain of the Blues and well-known Footballer set the tone on Tuesday during his message to the 45,000 jmists. Gathered together in an unprecedented way in the History of WYD, delegations from Dioceses, Communities and different Networks vibrated to the Tempo of music, Testimonies, Clips and Moments of Prayer. Atmosphere!

“We’ll love the Whole Country. This time it’s for real, France is going to WYD”.

The Creators of the WYD Song on stage: Atmosphere!

The rhythms of the Lyrics of GAB, ZITA, Hush 777 on a cover of: HDX -Remix Pompei- are a hit. For 4 hours, by the Sea at the Maritime passage from Algès to Lisbon, this French morning touched hearts.

La Mennais France Team is well placed at the heart of this Meeting.

A boost!

“This Meeting is a Boost for all the French Delegation” underlines Mgr de Moulins-Beaufort, President of the Bishops of France, met at the entrance to the space of Algès. It is an exceptional opportunity to be here to share our Joy of being together and to constitute the strongest National Delegation, after the Portuguese and the Spanish”.

Bishop de Moulins-Beaufort – on the right – at the entrance to the site: “Welcome to this Booster! »

The Navy Anchor : A Nod to Jean-Marie de la Mennais. An Anchor should be one of the Symbols of the future Statue of the Founder available next year.

Holy Games: this is the announcement of the appointment of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In La Mennais France Network, they are called the “Holy James”, inspired by the involvement of Bro James Hayes and others in the Spiritual Teams of the Games.

Expressions used during the many interventions are like so many SMS, calls and gifts.

“You are our new children and we are already from the same family”.

Message given to young people welcomed in the Dioceses of Portugal.

 “Let’s focus on others, not on ourselves”

“With the Lord it is often drop by drop, here I am ready for a torrent! » Eddie

“I know very well that it is often arid. Do not doubt. We are not alone! » Mathis

Celebrate, all together!

“Let’s focus on ourselves. Focus on others. » Emily

“Take God with you. Pray to Him, invite Him! ” Olivier Giroud

“I need to feel your presence”

Intense moment introduced by the Famous Footballer: “And if Jesus were now in front of you, what would you like to say to Him? Heard in the group of young La Mennais: “Give me more visible signs, I need to feel Your presence!” I don’t like when it’s too mute! »

Young Bretons well present!

700 came from Ille-et-Vilaine, 150 from Côtes d’Armor, 300 from Nantes and many more from Morbihan and Finistère: the Bretons are there and the 20 Young Adults from La Mennais too!

Mgr Laurent DOGNIN, Bishop of Quimper and Léon happy to greet Bro. James HAYES, Superior of the Community of the Juvénat of Châteaulin, France.

The Bishops of Brittany were very present at the Maritime Park of Algès during this Meeting. Here, Mgr Pierre d’ORNELLAS, Archbishop of Rennes, on the left in the photo.

Marcel Callo, from Rennes, Sponsor of these World Youth Days

Particular fact the figure of Marcel Callo was retained as “godfather” of these WYD. One of the Churches in Lisbon hosted events around its route.

Blessed Marcel Callo was born on December 6, 1921, in Rennes, France). He was, for several years, Acolyte and Scout. After his studies, he began to work as an Apprentice Typographer and joined the JOC, Christian Workers’ Youth).

In 1943, he was recruited for the Compulsory Labor Service in Germany, where he continued the activities of the JOC, which, in April 1944, would lead him to be taken prisoner by the Gestapo. He died in Mauthausen Concentration Camp on March 19, 1945.

He was Beatified by Pope Saint John Paul II on October 4, 1987. His Liturgical Feast is celebrated on March 19.st né le 6 décembre 1921, à Rennes, France). Il fut, pendant plusieurs années, acolyte et scout. Après ses études, il commence à travailler comme apprenti typographe et rejoint la JOC, Jeunesse ouvrière chrétienne).

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