Monday. Listening and singing

Calm down. Less noise. A reduction in pollution. More time to listen one anther or to listen and watch. To compose too.

Bro James Hayes offers a series of videos to listen to and sing…

Let’s have a chance to listen to Bro James Hayes, who has already made 10 music videos in a series called “Covideo Sessions”

In this period of confinement, the Terminal Class of the CED St. Joseph of Taiohae, in Marquises Islands lets you discover the trailer of their film HAA HUA ITE TUMU, a film written and directed by the students…

En cette période confinée, la classe de Terminale vous laisse découvrir la bande annonce de leur film HAA HUA ITE TUMU, un film écrit et réalisé par les élèves… Nous en profitons pour remercier à nouveau Patiri pour son aide à l'adaptation des dialogues en Eo Enana, et toutes les personnes qui nous ont prêté des costumes…. Vaieinui ātou paotu

Publiée par Ced St Joseph Taiohae sur Lundi 23 mars 2020

The St Martin Secondary School of Pontchâteau, France, offers a little softness in music. If you miss the voices of our students, you can listen to this recording of Van Joyce’s song, Riptide, directed by their music teacher, Mrs Fougère, and with the students of the school choir group on 12th March. Rosa Erasmus our student, accompanies them on the ukulele, Owen Prié on guitar, Evan Bernu and Tifenn Douet on percussion.”

« Riptide_Chorale_12_mars »

Tuesday. Reading, writing, learning

Many are at work in remote classes, via video or email addresses. Some others are on vacation.

Many are waiting to be reunited with their friends, their class, their teachers.

Some live a mini-school at home together with their parents. Others start writing or follow their personal book. Many also devour books and experience the pleasure of learning.

Video of the Colegio Menesiano in Madrid, Spain.

Many teachers remain connected with the students and also prepare new courses and continue with their own formation. Many are investing in new technologies.

Bro Ewald Warrior in Huatusco, Mexico


Sorting. Arranging. Building. Restoring. Crafting. Preparing. Cooking.

On the site of the new school of TIMAU-NANYUKI (KENYA), the Bros Anthony Kithinji Provincial of St Michel the Archangel Province  (Tanzania-Kenya), Fidelis Kisakeni Provincial Treasurer and his Deputy Bro Galison Wafula, and Bro Eric Mwithiga of the Meru community with Bro Daniel Briant, General Treasurer.

A school without children is special. It is waiting, getting ready. It knows its life is slowing down.

St Joseph’s College in Cancale, France

Work is under way in several Schools and educational Centres whenever possible, depending on the situation.

At the St John Paul II Centre in Huatusco, Mexico. Bro Mario Couture in action.

Sharing via computer during a Mennaisian tea time proposed by the Community of Rennes, France.


Walking to the cross

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Congregation and especially the Province Nuestra Señora del Pilar has lost 7 Brothers of the communities of Bilbao, Berrio-Ochoa.

Bro Miguel-Ángel ROMÁN, died on 5 April in Bilbao.

The 6 Brothers of the community of the Infirmary of Bilbao, died between 22nd  and 30th  March.

We entrust them to the Virgin Mary and all the families and educational teams of La Mennais Schools in the world affected by this health crisis.

We also entrust all children exploited by work or victims of violence and war.

Friday. Meditating and praying

Many of us experience situations of suffering, illness, tension and fear.

Getting through the night.

We can be connected to a parish, a community, a diocese, a country by internet links or TV.

Celebration at the community of Walsh University, Canton, USA.

Entrusting the intentions of one anther to the prayer of a community. Here, the community of 49 in Rennes, France.

At the Casa Community, Rome where the Brothers of the General Council are confined with the community.

On the website of  St Joseph Collège of la Guerche in Brittany, France.


Saturday. Take care

A night to watch and wait for the dawn. Hope for the light. Entrust our loved ones and the intentions we receive.

At the community of Bedford, Quebec.

We have already taken action and we are continuing. Perhaps we were surprised to discover that we were able to pass on apprehensions in order to dare, to render service, to make ourselves close.

At the community of the Infirmary, Mother House of La Prairie, Quebec.

At the community of Pointe-du-Lac, Quebec.

“Take care! This seems to be the common denominator of what we are experiencing today, writes Bro Hervé Zamor, Superior General in his letter to the Mennaisian Family of March 17. The medical community is dedicated and selfless in caring for all those affected by this pandemic. Parents care for their children with creativity and intuition.

Educators continue, when they can, to feed their students using new information and communication technologies. Our pastors, especially Pope Francis, strive to keep the flock close to it with tenderness and compassion.”

Sunday. Rise from the dead!

Life, intense. Photo Bro Gérard Hautbois, Châteaulin

Nature testifies to these new colours already there, the spring which takes all its place.

What a joy to feel the resurrection and to share it!

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