A privileged time of prayer and links with people recommended to Father de la Mennais: it is the annual rendez-vous of the Great Novena for the beatification of Father de la Mennais

For 9 days, the communities of Brothers, the teams of staff of educational schools and centers, all join to share intentions and entrust people to the intercession of Jean-Marie de la Mennais.

Spiritual, sportive, and cultural animations are proposed in a special way in many schools.

Several Provinces and Districts also publish a special booklet on this occasion,

+ Jean de la Mennais Province – Mexico-USA-Canada. The coordination is assured by Bro Robert Smyth. Cf booklet >>>

Commitment of Lay people during the assembly of the Mennaisian Family in September last, at the House of the Madonna, Trois-Rivières.

+ St Jean-Baptiste Province – England-France. The booklet is made by Bro Louis Le Guichet. (Cf booklet >>> )

During the meeting of the head teachers of the Educational Mennaisian Network, France last October, at Ploërmel.

+ Casa Generalizia, Rome, Italy. The booklet is made by Bro Hervé Asse (Cf booklet >>> )

The statue of the Father has just been repainted at the Casa and it will be highlighted during this Novena.

Bro Dino de Carolis, Postulator of the Cause, proposes a specific document for this Great Novena – to discover on the Website in the section “TO PRAY”.

Bro Dino de Carolis, Postulator of the Cause of Father de la Mennais, based in Rome, Italy.

Let us also entrust in a special way the intentions recommended and placed on the tomb of our Founder at the Mother House of the Brothers at Ploërmel on the initiative of Bro Michel Bouvais’, Vice – Postulator.

Father de la Mennais’ tomb, in the Chapel of the Mother House at Ploërmel.

A celebration takes place every month on the 26th with the community of the Mother House. Dozens of people participate in it.

For the healing of persons recommended to God through the intercession of the Founder:
Haiti Lesage Dessalines, 10 years old
Spain Bro Virgilio Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Bilbao.
Doña Feli Cabeza. 71 years.
France Mrs Armelle Galisson
Mathilde, born in 2010, transplanted at the age of 2
Italy Valentina, 30 years, Rome.
Elena, mother, Albano.
Canada Bro Henri Hébert, 85 years, La Prairie.
Alphonsine Jean, Associated member, New Brunswick.
Jayden Aubut, 10 years, operated, upon and then under medical follow up.
Steve Lefèbvre, 44 years
Jacob Ménard Waloch, 11 months old
Japan Mrs Yukari Holme

News of the Postulation

The first hearing of the second phase of the diocesan process concerning the cure of Josette Poulain took place on November 8, 2018 at Rennes (France).

This process was delayed just because the diocesan delegate and president of the tribunal, Father Bernard Heudré got problems of health. From now on Father Chesnel assures us of his availability.

This first hearing will be followed by two others, on the 21st and on the 22nd November:

The first will be held at Saint-Brieuc where the Daughters of Providence will be heard; the last will take place at Rennes.

Then, the conclusive stage of the process will follow and thereafter various formalities, testimonies and documents will be sent to the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints, in Rome.

We invite you therefore to intensify the prayer for the beatification of the Founder, especially during the days of the hearings.

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