Full Sun at the feet of Ste Anne, Patron Saint of Brittany, last Saturday, May 28th ,2022 at Ste Anne d’Auray. The members of the Association of Gabriel Deshayes’ Friends – Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel, St Gabriel Brothers, Sisters of Wisdom, Sisters of St Gildas and Montfort Fathers met together to mark the road ahead for years to come. A new impetus, with a Renewal and Feminization of the team and mobilizing projects. Explanations given by Fr Gaétan Lucas, President and Bro Claude Launay, Secretary and Responsible of the Bulletin of the Association Gabriel Deshayes’ Friends

An Album, a Memory and Future day and a Conference.

Three major events marked the life of the Association during the year 2021

The Gabriel Deshayes Album. The publication of the Album Gabriel Deshayes Sower of Life which had a very favorable echo thanks to its lively, current and well-illustrated presentation. Thank you to the many Editors.

200 people in St-Laurent-sur-Sèvre. The festive day of October 24th, 2021 to mark the arrival of Gabriel Deshayes in St-Laurent-sur-Sèvre in 1821. The Bro Christian Bizon recalled the main moments of this day which gathered 200 people: Eucharist, Convivial meal, Resumption of the Conference of Olivier Maire, Missionary Forum and sending on Mission on the Esplanade of the Lycée St-Gabriel.

Conference in Lourdes. A Conference on Gabriel Deshayes with visual support took place during the Montfort Pilgrimage in Lourdes last April. The red thread? Gabriel DESHAYES in St-Laurent Superior of the Montfort Congregations, his Spirituality and excerpts from the October 24th Missionary Forum in St Laurent.

A Committee for the Cause

On the right, Fr Gaétan LUCAS, President of the Association and Parish priest of Auray, sharing with a Sister of Wisdom.

Update on the various initiatives to relaunch the cause of Gabriel Deshayes: the need to work with an effective Professional Postulator and Meetings were held with the Bishops of Luçon and Vannes. The decision was taken to set up a Committee to steer the strategy and mobilize Canonists, Historians and Witnesses to advance the issue if the Bishops confirm their investment and then involve the various Congregations concerned

A feminized team

Following the exchanges, the nominations submitted for the vote of the Assembly saw the Renewal of the Agreement for the nominations of Adrien Collet and Laurent Breurec, and the entry on the Board of Directors of Marie-Claire Le Boursicaud, Claude Launay and Michel Tanguy.

3 Projects

Proposals were made to publicize G. Deshayes.

With students «Being a Coach of my life, inspired by Gabriel Deshayes». The project would be to prepare with Post-Graduate students from the Réseau St Gabriel, La Mennais one and Wisdom one, a 2-hour activity, to reflect around Management issues, Life choices, Meaning and usefulness of Business lines and Values. A team of Students, Professors, Trustees and Brothers will be set up.

Bro. Michel BOUVAIS, FIC and Fr Félix, of Ste Anne d’Auray.

Praying at the heart of our lives with Gabriel Deshayes. To prepare a Booklet-guide by involving young people on issues affecting their lives. This proposal is in line with the request made by Laurent Breurec during the Meeting. Contact is made with Fr. Félix of Ste Anne..

Imagine a symbolic statue of Gabriel Deshayes. A Scuplture of a height of 25 cm and diffused in quantity could be realized. Bernard Jain, in the same sense, proposed to think about a Statue of DESHAYES in the Valley of Saints

Bro Claude LAUNAY

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