“This Chapter dared!” “. After a Month of presence on the Wedding Paths of Cana desiring to be “Servants of Hope”, the time has come to send off with the Final Message from the Brother Superior General and to close this 2024 Edition.

We present here extracts from the Message of Brother Hervé ZAMOR, knowing that the Complete Text will be sent to everyone in due time.

At the Chapter, God visited us

Good News: in Ariccia, God visited us! We listened to Him. We met Him. He showed us His Glory. At Mary’s invitation, we filled Our Jars with Water (Jn 2:7). What an experience of Synodality, where, rich in Our Diversity and Our Talents, we contributed to the Celebration of the New Alliance!

What a Profound Spiritual Experience where God Transformed Our Fragilities into Solid Fraternal Communion and Our Timidity into Courageous Audacity to face the Future.

A Rule like a Mother

In Ariccia, Our New Rule of Life, the fruit of a true Synodal Journey, traces the path so that each Brother can savor, like a Good Wine, the gift of Fidelity and the Joy of Perseverance.

This is the secret if we want Holiness to be the most beautiful face (EG, no9) of Our Institute. Only the Rule of Life, Read, Meditated on and Lived with Joy and Fidelity, will make us better.

By introducing us to the life of the Mennaisian Brother in its triple dimension: Prayer, Fraternity and Apostolate, she fulfills her Mission as a Mother. By accompanying our growth in the Consecrated Life lived in Mennaisian colors, she fulfills her Vocation as an Educator.

Fertility is possible with mutual support of Brothers and Laity

In Cana, Mary and Jesus lent each other mutual support so that the Miracle was possible. This is the path that the Brothers and Laity of the Mennaisian Family are invited to take so that Good Wine can continue to delight the children and young people of Our Educational Centers.

We are committed to forming Brothers and Laity capable of transmitting Our Charisma and daring to call New Servants. The Miracle of Fertility is still possible

We want to move forward with Marie

Following the example of Mary and following the Instructions of Jesus, we want to move forward. The servants offered their collaboration to Jesus so that the Water was changed into Good Wine. And if today, Christ requested our participation, what would it be? Generosity? Availability? Obedience?

Through her attitude and response, the young girl from Nazareth teaches us not to let ourselves be Paralyzed by Fear. While we rely on our fragile certainties, the Mother of the Savior shows us that we must “start from God, in the confidence that in this way everything else will be given to us in addition (Mt 6:33).

Children and Young People need Presence and Love

What do today’s Children and Young People need? In 2024, what Jesus would distribute to them would be called Presence and Love.

The greatest danger that threatens us today is not loving. Only broken and shared love will help us to welcome others as brothers or sisters (Mt 23:8). Our World is so hungry for this Revolution of Tenderness that Pope Francis often speaks of!

It is Prayer that will move Our Institute Forward

It is the Announcement of the Word through our witness of life that will make us Missionary Disciples. It is the service of the poorest that will help us to be faithful to the calls of the Spirit and to Our Founding Charism.

This Chapter dared…

Future Generations will remember this Chapter which dared to pour New Wine into New Wineskins (Mk 2:22).

In Cana, Jesus asked the Wedding Attendants to draw the New Wine and bring some to the Master of the Meal (Jn 2:8). Following them, the Lord sends us to bring the Good News of His wonders. The Party can continue because the Wine is no longer lacking. From now on, Our Mission is to serve the New Wine of the Gospel.”

See you in 2030!

At the end of this sending, the closing vote of the Chapter took place: Unanimously! A month of presence leaves room for other calls to the Four Corners of the World.

It is the End !

See you in… 2030 !

Brother Miguel ARISTONDO, Assistant presented the Symbol created by Young People from Llay Llay in Chile.

Each Capitulant received as a gift a Symbol of the Chapter created by Young People with Professional Training from La Mennais de Llay Llay in Chile.

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