This late night presented itself as a Great Opportunity to Relax, following the Election of the General Council, and the End of the Review of the Rule of Life and the Good Path of Direction.

Rhythms, dances, gestures… under the sign of good humor and Brotherhood of Languages and Countries: each Province and District presented songs from home. Some soloists also made their talents shine.
Everything was orchestrated with a joyful contagion by Bro. Mario Couture, from Huatusco in Mexico.

History in Images and Music!

Dancing with our brothers in Africa

In the swing of the dances

“Every day”, a song by Bro Louis Le Guichet

Put your head on my shoulder, a song beloved in Quebec

A song to Mary, in Indonesian

Haitian team

The team of English-speaking Africa. Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya.

Watch your ears!

The Frenchspeaking Africa team. Togo, Benin, Senegal, Ivory Coast,  DR of Congo, Rwanda.

The Spanish-speaking team. Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain. On a song signed H. Josu OLABARRIETA.

Two soloists : Bros. James HAYES and Benedict ODHIAMBO.

Team North America. Canada, USA, Mexico.

Bro Raúl BLANCO, soloist

Team Asia. Indonesia, Japan, Philippines.

Bro. Mario COUTURE, conductor in good mood!

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