The new General Council of the Congregation of  the Daughters of the Providence. From left to right: Sr Anne-Marie Frearson, Councillor, Sr Huguette Provost, Superior General, Sr Louise Touchette, Assistant General .

The Capitulants gathered at Châteaugay

The work  of the Chapter of the Daughters of Providence at Châteauguay, Quebec, is going on.

The Capitulants are the Sisters : Yolande Béliveau, Luce Duchesneau, Alice Le Strat, Emma Mudrik, Louise Touchette, Céline Tremblay, Huguette Provost, Dolorès Bussière, Jeannette Boulliou, Yvette Saliou, Madeleine Roulin, Maryvonne Nivoit, Marie-Raphaëlle Rault,  M. Emmanuelle  Coudray, Anne-Marie Frearson, Bernadette Larkin.

They come from Saskatchewan and from Quebec for Canada, from England, from Uganda and from France.

On Tuesday morning, 23rd May, Sr Huguette Provost was reelected Superior General.

In the afternoon  it was the elections of the Councillors.

Sr Louise Touchette was elected Assistant General and Sr Anne-Marie Frearson was elected Councillor .

The work of the Chapter is scheduled until 25th May, when a reception is announced at the Brothers’ House in La Prairie.

Read also the other information on the life of the Chapter in another article of the News on the Website.

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