One week among us in Bolivia from 16th to 25th March 2023. Bro. Carlos Lovato, Visitor, arrived on Saturday 11th March. Brothers Hervé Zamor, Superior General and Miguel Aristondo, Assistant General, arrived on Thursday 16th in the early morning.

After a good welcome meal, the three of them went down to San Borja where they shared the Life and Mission of the Community of Brothers and Educational works. On Saturday they experienced the encounter of Religious life and on Sunday they visited San Ignacio de Moxo, a Jesuit presence.

Bro Hervé Zamor, SG with the Brothers of the Community.

On Tuesday the 21st,March we received them in El Alto.

Sharing Life and Mission

There, they shared the Life and Mission of the Mennaisian Community with the students of the Educational Unit, with the little ones in Yuriñani, the Parents in Aynjasiñani, the Professionals of the Medical Post, the Children of Antawara and with the Laity who came to follow the process of belonging, the Youth of Pastoral Care, the Youth in Formation and the Community of the Brothers.

Friday the 24th,2023 was a special day of Formation Meeting with all Mennaisian Educators in Achocalla. The subject was: the Mennaisian Educator, Messenger of Hope.

The proposal was very good.

And we ended the stay by going as a Mennaisian Community at the feet of Our Lady of Copacabana.

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