“I give you this three-fold call,” Bro Hervé ZAMOR, Superior General, presented straightaway in the video put on line on this 6th  day of June, 2018. Dare to go out, dare to look and dare to call. “






















June 6th is the anniversary date of the Treaty of Union which united Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes, in their concern to answer the distress of young people left to their own devices.

200 years ago, on 6th June, 1819, they joined together their destiny by giving birth to the Congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.









“Sublime is our vocation! It is beautiful and holy.”

By repeating the words of Jean-Marie de la Mennais in pictures, Br. Superior General recalls that Christ, yesterday, called Peter, James, and John; He also called the two Founders and then, the first Brothers in the Congregation: Mathurin Provost, Yves Le Fichant, etc …

… ” Fraternity is our grace, our vocation and our mission!

Are we ready to answer Christ’s call? ” Bro Hervé Zamor asks.








After the theme “Discerning together and scrutinising the horizon “ last year, this 2nd year of the Bicentenary opens with the theme of the Call.

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