On Friday, the Capitulants had an in-depth exchange on the selection of the number of Assistants in the General Council.

As stated in the Chapter Regulations, it is possible to elect 3 or 4 Assistants. This must be specified in each Chapter.

In turn, several Brothers who have served as Assistant or end their mandate have expressed their way of having lived this role.

Bro. Yannick, President of the Bureau of the Chapter expressed the recommendation of the Congregation of Religious which advocates rather a composition of General Council including 4 and not 3 assistants.


Heard on the role of the assistants:




Bro. Guillermo DAVILA.

Bro. Gildas PRIGENT

He is to be an advisor to the Brother Superior General

He is at the same time in charge of the accompaniment of the major superiors

He may also have expertise in particular areas

He has no special power and stands at the junction between Brother Superior

General and Major Superiors

He is called to play a growing role in the animation of the congregation and the

development of the Mennaisian Family

He helps to discern for the authorization of the Brothers to perpetual vows

He maintains relations with the Brothers, especially the younger ones


Several former Assistants or outgoing Assistants have revealed:

+ to have sometimes experienced a lack of time for visits in several sectors

+ to have lived a time of grace and in-depth knowledge of the places where the

congregation works

+ The quality of the relations with the major superiors is determining in the good

functioning of this service

+ The importance of being attentive to ways of working relationships and ways of

doing things


On the question of electing three or four assistants:

It was mentioned at the same time of a need

a.- of more availability of the members of the Council to accompany all the sectors of

the congregation and the development of the Mennaisian Family,

b.- of a greater need of advisers

c.- and, at the same time, of limited human resources of Provinces and Districts to

reach a team of 4 assistants.


In the end, the assembly voted to maintain the composition of the General Council with 3 assistants


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