»In the Heart of the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome – Santa Maria Maggiore –

” Virgin Mary. Our Mother “. At the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, in Rome, this Wednesday, April 24th , it is with these Words that Brother Hervé Zamor Renewed – in Unison with the Capitulants – the Consecration of the Congregation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the past, the Bros. Etienne Barbier and Bernard Gaudeul had already made this Consecration.

This Solemn and Intense Moment experienced in the Pauline Chapel took place at the end of the Celebration Presided over by Father Alberto Toutin, Superior General of the Fathers of Picpus, Jesus and Mary, Animator of the Chapter Retreat.

Father Alberto Toutin, Superior General of the Fathers of Picpus, below with the Concelebrants.

“I come to Renew the Consecration of Our Institute of the Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel and of all the members of the Mennaisian Family to your Immaculate Heart”.

“We come to you with confidence. Take us in your Arms, give us Rest and Peace. Open your Heart to us and help us to live with you and in you. By this Trusting Surrender of Our Entire Being into your hands, we want to welcome you in a Deep and Lasting Way into Our Everyday Lives.

With the Members of the New General Council.

“Mary, blessed among all women, by receiving the Word of the, Angel by your “Yes” and by your Obedience, you gave us Jesus Christ. Give me the Grace to be open to the work of the Spirit and to be available as a Servant of the Lord, according to His Word.

May my heart, by your example, be animated by a Spirit of Charity, Humility, Zeal, Gentleness and Renunciation. Through my words, my actions and my encounters, may my life be modeled on yours so that I can bring Jesus to others.

“Mary, humble servant of the Lord, in you and through you, His   Grace has worked wonders. Grant that we may live with a humble and poor heart in the image of your Son Jesus, whose Birth, Life and Death were only one Great Act of Humility, so to speak.

“Mary, Morning Star, while you presented your Son Jesus, Light of the Nations, in the Temple, carry us in your arms and lead us to Him with your Kindness, your Love and your Tenderness. We count on you. We offer ourselves without reservation. We want to belong to you forever.

Take care of Children and Young People

“Mary, first Disciple of your Son, in Cana, you intercede for us and by showing us your Son you tell us: “Do whatever He tells you.” Grant us your assistance and help us, following your example and your call, to be Faithful Disciples of the One you carried in everything.

“Mary, standing at the foot of the Cross, it is you whom Jesus gave us as Mother.

Intercede for us; help us to be faithful to Our Commitments.

Intercede for the Church and for the Congregation. Watch over the Mennaisian Family.

Take care of children and young people.

Support them, encourage them, strengthen them and nourish them with Joy, Love and Hope.

“Mary, full of Glory, all Generations call you Blessed.

Help us to love God as you loved Him, so that one day we can share with you the Joy promised to Good and Faithful Servants.”


In the style of Jean-Marie de la Mennais


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