Culiprán, Chile, 9 to 12 July, 2016 : 13681075_1123110234417290_1073793548438501782_nAt this assembly, we met together Brothers, Laymen and young people from 4 countries, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Walking as a family, is a strong experience! The various meetings testified it. And as in all families, we welcomed new children who had previously not known one another. We all liked the gestures and traditions of our Chilean brothers. The cold of the winter was limited by the warm atmosphere, the enjoyment, the participation and the happiness of that proposed experience.

We reached all the proposed goals. We all went back home happy and pleased with what we had lived. The spirit found new strengths. The desire to live and to walk following Jesus on the way inaugurated by the founders found a new intensity too. We also felt a need for formation to keep on walking together.

Brother Yannick accompanied us during the days of the Assembly. He also spoke to us. We thank him for having encouraged us to pursue our walking and to make the experience of brotherhood and family.

What a life! What youthfulness! What a passion for the Mennaisian charism! All of us we feel stimulated and encouraged. Thank you Lord to have allowed us to make that experience of your presence among us.

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