Joy in Huatusco, Mexico! After more than two years of Formation and even more dedication to the Mission, Maru, Lucre, Paco, Isabel, Alfonso, Martha and Carlos made their First Commitment as MENNAISIAN LAITY in Huatusco on 5th  May,2022

The life of the Spirit is at work and Providence awakens people who deeply accept the intuitions of Jean-Marie de la Mennais wishing to be like the ANGELS OF THE LITTLE ONES.

The 7 Lay people are surrounded by Bros Mario Couture and Mario Houle, Provincial of JLM Province – Canada-USA-Mexico.

These lay people felt a call to work in the Mennaisian family, Lay people and Brothers together, to meet the children and young people who are on the outskirts of this blessed land of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Engagement des laïcs en présence de F. Hervé ZAMOR, Supérieur général des Frères.

Commitment of the Laity in the presence of Bro Hervé ZAMOR, Superior General of the Brothers.


NOE’S ARK – 50 Young Animators are preparing for Summer Activities

During Holy Week, we met on the mornings of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the young people who will be in charge of the Animation of the Summer Camps of Noah’s Ark of the children and youth of Huatusco. Time of Formation led by Carlos and Martha, Mennaisian laity from Mexico.

About fifty young people, who gave their time, their energy and their heart, gathered at the John Paul II Centre, a place that has rediscovered Joy and Life after so much time of solitude and silence.

A young girl from one of the rural Communities joined the group of beginners. Like mustard seed, it’s a start.

Most of these young people participated in Noah’s Ark when they were children. Now they are convinced that they are part of it, this time by offering what they have received and by giving life back to Noah’s Ark. Some of them have already been Animators, and they are coming back determined to spend another Summer with us, to accompany the children during the Summer of 2022. For others, it is the first time, then, the «Elders» (as Brother Mario likes to say to speak of those who have experience) guide them with the same enthusiasm as they had themselves at the beginning.

Despite the masks, the expressions of Joy and Emotion can be read in the bright light of their eyes.

Young people are getting ready to serve children in Summer. After so much virtual time, the bonds are re-established and strengthened. They get to know each other and motivate each other to move forward together, to create and imagine the fun activities to set up for the little ones.

This year, together with children and youth, we will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Noah’s Ark. Our theme: Tenochtitlan.

“This first one was an opportunity to help the participants start living like Angels for the little ones. It’s good to see them motivated for service experiences in a family atmosphere! The children who will be participating in this Summer’s 2022 Ark are already in the hearts of these teenagers who are choosing to SERVE.”

Bro Guillermo Dávila

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