Christine Conturie, of the Madeleine Danielou spiritual family lived the assembly to bring an external look. Here with Bro Vincent Ssekate, Assistant.

Here are some of the strong orientations that were adopted by the Brothers and the laity at the end of the Capitulants’ meeting. These orientations will be taken into account by the Brothers of the Province during their Chapter scheduled for the end of 2019. The methods of implementation will be specified later.

Motion: For a fraternity that transcends borders
Course of action: creation of a committee to identify initiatives in the congregation and beyond, identify the possible missions, form a team of Formators to develop voluntary services, initiate a reflection to found an international community – Brothers and laity – at the Mother House, for stipulated periods.

Motion: New forms of community life within the Mennaisian family
Course of action: to give information about the realities of communities of the Brothers and of the laity that already exist, to experiment communities of the Brothers and of the Lay people around a project of shared life, cantered on the Mennaisian spirituality, to discern the priority of the educational undertakings that would call communities of the Brothers and of the lay people (eg the Mother House, Escale in Nantes, St Donatien …) and form those who would accompany others.

Motion: The Brothers and Lay Mennaisians vocations are good news for the world
Course of action: Living spiritual experiences that allow one to discern his personal vocation, creating general states of the pastoral ministry of the Mennaisian family, proposing and making known experiences of life, of missionary solidarity and voluntary service, of community life, of letting  oneself to be challenged personally, of using means of communication to promote the creation of a community of young people discerning their vocations and appoint a delegate.

Three of the commissions at work

Motion: to arouse and support the commitment of the people in the Mennaisian Network
Course of action: to suggest to young adults of less than 26 years, to dedicate one year of service to the mennaisian mission, encourage and propose to the lay people the commitment of Lay associate and imagine other proposals, entrust the “Tutelle” authority to a layman under the authority of the Provincial.

Motion: structuring the Mennaisian Family
Course of action: to draw up an educational project common to all the realities of the Mennaisian Family, to review the functioning of the Mission team whose aim is to coordinate the realities of the Mennaisian Family, to officially recognise the associate Lay people, to link the name “La Mennais” to the names of the schools.

 Animated games during the festive evening

Motion: Mother House, symbol and source
Course of action: the possibilities of having Lay people and Brothers  at the Mother House, of modalities to be taken for the Provincial Team, for the “Tutelle” Team, for young people living for a year of experience, links with the international Mennaisian Family, appoint the in charge of the mission responsible for the development of the project for the Mother House then nominate a director and of establishing a reception center with a director.

Motion: A formation that should be a source, a rock and a horizon
Course of action: To identify a text on the mennaisian charism and adapted modules, to create a system of reference for schools, maintain the fundamental formation provided by the Mennaisian formation institute, to develop  a body of formators, arrange meetings with young people in schools.

Motion: the formation of young people engaged in the Network and the charism; formation and transmission
Course of action: to realize a common base of formation, to develop apprenticeship by a time of service: civic and voluntary service, to effect inter-congregational formation and to develop a formators’ body.

Vote on motions during the course of the day this Friday
Motion: At the service of the Network, to be more visible and to communicate better
Course of action: to design a document presenting the characteristics of any mennaisian work, to make known possible commitments, to promote the Web site, to develop activites for the Mennaisian week, to create a specific space for the La Mennais network in every mennaisian schools, to propose symbolic objects.

Motion: Being in solidarity with the poorest and moving to the peripheries
Course of action: to create a group for evaluation and discernment of current projects – in schools, St Donatien boarding school, Vayakom project in St Brieuc, the “Village des sources” … to  imagine a school which is open to the most deprived, to support the pedagogy of apprenticeship of service.

Motion: for a shared mission in our educational schools
Course of action:
to propose a referent person in every Secondary school for the charism, to create a communication tool for families, pupils and new staff

A bookmark in the colours of Emmaus was received by each capitulant. Here Bro Vincent Ssekate

+ These orientations are going to be written in a definitive way by this meeting’s preparation team.
Then, the final document will be handed over to the Mission Team and to the Provincial Council.

+ Finally, the Provincial Chapter of the Brothers will  take place at the end of the year 2019.

Symbolic meditation. On the paths of Emmaüs: between light and darkness
On Friday morning before the proposal to vote on the concrete orientations, the participants in the meeting meditated upon a painting on the paths of Emmaüs by Arcabas the painter.

A time of contemplation as if they were in front of an icon: we see it and we leave ourselves to be seen. ” May God be amongst us “.

“Dark, companions can remain locked in ideas, in what concerns and remains in the past. They do not see what is happening in their midst: in the center is the golden light: the breaking of bread. We are invited to take our place at this table. ”

Contemplative meditation on Arcabas’ painting: the path of Emmaus

Celebrating with the parish of Ploërmel

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