3 Days of Celebration! The Holy Rosary Institute of Isiro, DRC Congo, celebrated its Silver Jubilee with Joy from April 26th to 28th 2023. Alternately, Conference-debate, Cultural Activities and celebration punctuated the Festivities. The Blessing of Pope Francis was received for the Occasion. Explanations

No Respite! A Whole Host of Activities were programmed during the three days of the Jubilee. A Conference-debate took place on the theme: “25 Years of the Holy Rosary Institute.” What are the Challenges facing Educational Innovations? The speakers were Henri MBALABL and Br. Etienne.

Br. Etienne Mbolifuhe, Director of the Rosary Institute with Mgr Julien Andyo BA Mba, Bishop of Isiro.

Rolling back Loneliness

The second day was the scene of Multiple Cultural Activities.

Multiple Animations.

On the last day, a Eucharistic Celebration was experienced. 20 Young people were Confirmed.

Mgr Julien Andyo BA Mba, Bishop of Isiro-Niangara Confirmed about Twenty Young people.

In his Homily, Mgr Julien Andyo BA Mba, Bishop of Isiro-Niangara invited young people and adults to contribute to the Development of the Country and to be Servants. Taking up the Images of Pope Francis linked to the fingers of the hand, he also made his own the Pope’s quote: “My friends, do not let your youth be wasted by loneliness and closure. Always think of being together and you will be happy, because the Community is the way to live in Harmony with oneself, to be faithful to one’s Vocation”.

The Blessing of Pope Francis was greeted with Great Joy.

With 1,138 Students enrolled this year, the School is Supervised by 43 Teachers from various Disciplines as well as 3 Administrators and 2 Caretakers.

Under the Initiative of André ODIANE and Gabriel KONGOLO, the School opened its Doors in 1998. What was the Motivations for this Creation? To establish of A Catholic Secondary School in Mendambo, and increase the number of Catholic Secondary Schools in the City of Isiro and the Integral Formation of Youth.

The Brothers came from Bunia and Dungu during the celebrations.

With the arrival of the Brothers of Christian Instruction in 2006, the School experienced a real change: Construction of the New Administration Building; Rehabilitation of Classrooms; Equipping with Textbooks thus constituting a small Library. The First Three Directors were: Mr. Kakela Abatino, Mr. Augustin Zozo Alingwe, Bro. Pascal Mbolingaba, the Actor-Director being Bro. Etienne Mbolifuhe.

Representatives of the Authorities.

During the Reception

The latter greeted the Civil and Religious Authorities present, including the Governor of the Province of Haut-Uélé, Christophe Baseane Nangaa and of course Br. Pascal Mbolingaba, Brother Visitor of the District of St Jean-Paul II, DRC Congo-Rwanda.

More than 1,000 Graduates

In addition to these few innovations, the approved School of the Diocese of Isiro-Niangara now has a Laboratory Unit for Chemistry-Biology and IT. It goes without saying that for Human Resources, the School has qualified Teaching Staff. The School is organized into 27 Classes out of 28 including 6 Classes of 7eyear, 5 Classes of 8eyear and 4 options: Latin-philo, Scientific, Social and Secretariat & Administration.

From 2003 to 2022, the Saint Rosaire Institute totaled 767 Graduates, including 263 Girls for the Organized Options.

Members of La Mennais Choirs, with Young people and Adults.


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