Following Jean-Marie de la Mennais’spirit

A new Congregation of Daughters of Providence founded in Uganda in 2014

The Daughters of Providence have been present in Uganda since 2006 in the person of Sr Emma Mudrik from Saskatchewan, Canada. The latter has worked with the Brothers of Christian Instruction at the catholic University of Kisubi in the centre of the country. The Brothers and the Sisters have the same founder, Jean-Marie de la Mennais, and both congregations were founded for the education of the children and young people, particularly of the poorest.

Two Ugandan young women, attracted by the spirituality of Jean-Marie de la Mennais and by his spirit of abandonment to Providence, wished to become religious and have requested the Congregation in the year 2010. The Chapter of the Sisters in 2013 decided to accompany the foundation of this new congregation.

Both women answered to Mgr. Sanctus Lino Wanok’s call, bishop of the diocese of Nebbi, in the North of Uganda, who asked for their help for evangelisation and thought of a possible foundation of a religious Congregation for the service of the Church. In January, 2014, Maria and Betty, left with Sr Emma Mudrik the central region of the of the country to go to the diocese of Nebbi. This is what happened on December 27th, 2014.

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From left to right : Sr. Dolorès Bussière, Sr. Betty Namyalo, Bishop Sanctus Wanok, Sr. Maria Amony, Sr. Emma Mudrik in front of the Nebbi Cathedral.

Message to the communities of the Daughters of Providence of St Brieuc, in December 2014 by Sr. Huguette Provost, Superior General.

« We are happy to tell you about a great news! Following several meetings with Bishop Sanctus, Betty Namyola and Maria Amony will experience their first commitment on December 27th, 2014 during Mass at 7:00 in the Nebbi Cathedral. They took their vows before Bishop Sanctus, the local Bishop. To signify our presence in this way of fraternal Alliance between them and us, Sr. Dolorès Bussière has represented the Congregation.

Maria and Betty have chosen as the name of their association, the Daughters of Providence of Nebbi. They are strong women, filled with zeal for Christ and for their world. By their simplicity and generosity, they attract people to them, especially the young people.

On that great day, let us be all united in thanksgiving for the foundation of this new community group and let us believe that this bud will grow up under the eye of God-providence in this distant country. ”


At the moment, the community of the Sisters organises various meetings and prepares the creation of a vocational school. The basic skills in carpentry, hairstyle and sewing will be taught. This project is possible only with the contribution of the local population, the external aid for financing and the abandonment to Providence.

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