To celebrate the bicentenary of our Congregation has to be the opportunity to go back to the sources to give thanks and to better scrutinise the future in order to write a new page.

This is the way the 3rd edition of the International Pilgrimage of the Mennaisian Family is confirmed from 14 till 18 July of this year. This pilgrimage will be animated and led by Msgr. Denis Moutel, Bishop of Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier.

” Do whatever he will tell you “. It is the year theme of Lourdes that resumes Mary’s words to the servants of the wedding at Cana.

  • Mary proves herself attentive to the needs of the people.
  • Mary gives us the courage to obey the Word which resounds deep within us.
  • Mary invites us to commit ourselves with all that we have and all that we are.

1855: The Brothers arrived at Lourdes at the request of Msgr Laurence, who will send his Vicar-General to Ploërmel as requested by the Mayor Mr Lacadé and on the suggestion of the Parish Priest Peyramale.

1858: Mary’s apparitions to Bernadette. Jean-Marie Soubirous, her brother, is a pupil at the School of the Brothers. Brother Léobard, head teacher of the school, asked to meet Bernadette and will question her twice.

So there is a very strong link, that binds Lourdes and the Congregation of the Brothers since 1855 and even more since 1858, thanks to Bernadette.

Program of the Pilgrimage,  edition 2018

Partipation in the international Mass, Marian Torchlight procession, Mass at the Grotto, Celebration of the reconciliation, Times of teachings, Walk to Bartrès, Workshops of reflection and sharing …

A whole team, particularly of the Mennaisian Laity together with Brothers Michel Bouvais and Gabriel Douaud is involved in the preparation, …

The rendez-vous of 2011, founding pilgrimage is called to take place once again this Summer. A beautiful opportunity.

Contact and inscription : Bro Gabriel DOUAUD  T. 06 75 88 34 29 / 02 97 47 29 44


Pilgrimage for children and young people aged from 8 to 17 years.
The young ones from 8 to 17 years old can be welcomed for the “Faith and Prayer” Summer Camps and the one organised by the Assocation Estival which will be at Lourdes. The accommodation will be made in Camp under tents.
“Abord’âge”: 8-11 years – “Foi et Prière”: 12-15 years – “Pélé 15-17”: 15-17 years.


Lourdes: a big event with special proposals for those aged 8 to 25 years …

An adapted program will be proposed to the children and to the young people: time with all the pilgrimage and specific times for the young, big games and evenings …
Cost:  80 € with a reception at about 5 pm on the Camping site on July 14th.
Corentin Ogier, Françoise Le Breton, François Perron / E-mail:
A PILGRIMAGE ON FOOT. Setting off on a hike through Compostela proposed to young people aged 17 to 25 years

For the first time, a pilgrimage on foot is proposed to young people aged 17 to 25 years, together with 2 Mennaisian Brothers.

Discover from 7th till 18th July, luxurious landscapes, going from St Jean Pied de Port to Lourdes.

By participating also in the 3rd international Mennaisian Pilgrimage, from 14th to 18th  July, it will be the opportunity to pray at the Grotto, to take part in the Marian Torchlight procession and to live privileged moments of sharing and joy.

Contacts : Bro Bernard Le Mené 06 80 07 27 32 ou

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