Photo above: At Colegio Menesiano, Montevideo, Uruguay , Montevideo, Uruguay

A shower of appointments! We had to close our eyes and close our ears from November 18 to 26 not knowing that it was the great Mennaisian Week, knowing that several Provinces and Districts had celebrated this event already several weeks ago.

Around the world in pictures

And if you don’t have some of your own actions presented here, it’s simple: send us 1 or 2 images!

Infos from Bro André Bilodeau, Bernadette Petton, Céline Fougère, Corentin Ogier, Isabelle Gergaud, Bro Gérard Hounyetin, Jean Philippe Dagnitche, Bro Nicolas Le Meilleur, Bro Rafa Alonso, Bro Rémy Quinton, Bro Guillermo Davila, Bro Benito Zampedri, the APS : Pastorale Ministry of the La Mennais Network of France

St Athanasius High School, Marquises, Polynesia

St Isiro Institute, Congo DRC. Father’s Day

Théophane Vénard Secondary School, Nantes, France.


Province NS del Pilar, Spain


Mennaisan Family Huatusco, Mexico


At Jean de la Mennais Catholic Secondary School of Man in Ivory Coast, Brother Gerard HOUNYETIN, Delegate of the Mennaisian Youth and Adults of Saint- Paul District of West Africa (Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and Senegal) and Bro Bruno, welcomed by Jean Philippe DAGNITCHE, Director. “It was just fantastic!


Mennaisian family from Thian, Benin. Football match, screening, celebration, animations punctuated 2 days in Thian.


With the Mennaisian Family, Walsh University, USA


At the Colegio La Mennais, Montevideo, Uruguay


The Brothers invited at Jean de la Mennais School in Man, Ivory Coast;


Choir :”Let us sow joy”, St Martin Secondary School, Pontchâteau, France

At Thian, Benin

Multiple appointments in the Divine Providence District: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay.

All the communities of Congo DRC celebrated the Week of the Father

LA MENNAIS DAY. Live broadcast of the Office at the Tomb, 26 November, Ploërmel.

Ste Agnès Primary School, Nantes.

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