At a party at the cottage in 2009.

Party this Saturday, 27th April in Dolbeau-Mistassini! Founder and tireless animator of the Camp youth Service, Bro. Marcellin Perron was congratulated and well surrounded this weekend.

The reunion began with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese, Mgr René Guay, at the Monastery of the Trappist Fathers of Dolbeau-Mistassini followed by a dinner and a dance party at the Salle des Coeurs Vaillants.

In June 1969, Brother Marcellin Perron, who teaches catechesis at Juvénat Saint-Jean and Chanoine Simard School, organised a week-long camp for his students. The goal? “To stimulate better development, group students under the responsibility of educators to exchange and deepen several themes, continue the integral formation of its members and awaken the sense of responsibility.”

Progressively, adults were also welcomed  to live meetings at the end of the weeks.

“A person is not a vase to be filled but a source to spring up”. This is the heart of the spirit of Camp Service Jeunesse.

On the road to Santiago de Compostela.

Throughout his personal and community journey, he participated in the animation of youth camps in Brittany, England, a humanitarian aid programme with Haitians in 1973, two refresher trips to Rome and several countries, then carried out an 800 km march on the route of St Jacques de Compostela in Spain.

Bro Marcellin, on the right, at the reception of the medal of the Governor of Quebec.

In 2016, he received the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for all of his work. He has also been very active in maintaining Camp facilities.

Bro. Marcellin was trained in NLP Programming-Neurolinguistics-Linguistics (NLP) from 1990.

Here are the four proposals at Camp Service jeunesse, by youth and adults.


Helps the person to know themselves with a process that promotes this meeting. For many, it’s a real revelation. The participants live an experience of authenticity and personal growth, in a climate of great respect, hospitality, confidentiality and freedom.


It is always a small group process in which participants can take stock of the values that drive them. They learn not to repress, to accept themselves, to trust, to be free and to live intensely the present moment.

During the Youth Service Camp meetings

    The participants learn to welcome the other one as he or she is, to listen to him/her, to exchange with him/her, to trust him/her). This brings him/her to love and to call the others to life.

    This end of the week has been offered since 1996. It is an approach which brings the participants to discover God’s dream on him/her. It is made through three stages of the Prayer of Alliance and the night-worship. To discover one’s Mission allows to refocus one’s life and to enjoy a deep peace.

Now, since 2017, the succession is led by Mennaisian lay people: Brigitte Pelchat, Paul-Marcel Crosnier, Line Rousseau, Suzanne Dubeau.

After ten years of formation, here is what Bro Marcellin wrote:

“I have discovered and experienced how difficult but fruitful it is to give oneself, to give one’s life in order to please others and in them to Jesus Christ. The love of God through the service of our neighbour is the best way to be happy and to sow joy around us. And as paradoxical as it may seem, one acquires more by giving than by receiving.”

Thanks to Jean-Marc Paradis for information.


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