How to pray?

Prayer is a privileged time to converse with God.
So, to pray, it’s sufficient to talk, while thinking of God. All that is oriented towards God can be a prayer. In that way, it can be easily understood that one can become quickly intimate with God.

Should one be calm, mad, deceived, broken-hearted, happy, satisfied… all the moods are compatible with

prayer and God asks us to pray whatever mood we are in, especially to thank Him and to bless Him (Yes, God asks us to bless Him!). God asks us to come closer to Him (to speak to Him), just like we are.

Many people think we need to be a saint or a very highly spiritual man to speak to God. That’s not true. God wants us the way we are, with our misery, our doubts, our ill feelings, and so on.

First of all, it’s important to fill up the best, possible conditions. It’s interesting to have calmed down and be quiet, wherever we are: at church, at home, in a car, in a train… all places are convenient; and so are all the moments. Let’s relax.
And, especially, let’s not forget : God is living, we speak to a person. The One we speak to is in front of us!

Prayer does not mean recitation
Imagine there is in front of you a person who is supposed to talk to you, but what he says sounds like a litany, a dull waffle. Would you want to listen to him?

To pray is to love
Prayer is love for one’s neighbor par excellence.

To pray is to grow
Prayer and meditation help us to get closer and closer to God, which will make us grow spiritually with the time.

And we ask the Lord to bless us, and may He grant us the grace to pray unceasingly. Amen.

The spontaneous prayer : A prayer in which we speak to God, as if He were an intimate person. It’s in this prayer that we narrate the joys and sufferings of our lives or those of others, that we ask for advices, beseech his graces. It’s in this prayer that we go on saying “thank you”, giving thanks to God, in our happiest moments as well as in our most painful ones.

The prayer with formulas : This includes all written prayers, and they are countless. If you don’t know how to express yourself spontaneously, write down your intentions, and then read them.

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