In addition to the General Council members and officials of various departments of the General Administration, the community of Casa Generalizia accommodates other confreres, especially student-Brothers whose number varies depending on the year.

The Superior of the Community

It is he who is responsible for the spiritual animation and concern for the fraternal support of a large community, of a strongly accentuated international character.

The Community Council

This council of 3 or 4 brothers is responsible for the good running of the house on a daily basis. Together, with the superior of the community, they watch the quality of life together, the maintenance of premises and facilities and to answer the various expectations and requests of the brothers and other visitors received at the Casa.

The Student-Brothers

Two, three or four years of presence in Rome to get a Licentiate degree in Theology, or a second stay of two or three years for additional training in spirituality or to submit a doctoral thesis: the student profile is very variable. That is a rich experience acquired from a University of Rome.

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