uruguay_resizeCities : Montevideo – Maldonado Nuevo

Instituto La Mennais

Ingeniero J. Acquistapace 1701
C : dirgeneral@lamennais.edu.uy

Hermanos de La Mennais
Communidad “Dionisio Diaz”
c/ Norberto Ortiz y casi Tiburcio Gómez
Barrio 14 de febrero
C.P. 2000
C : femu63@yahoo.com

Urugay A

In 1956, the Brothers from Argentina decided to settle in Montevideo. They opened a Primary school. Over the years, the  La Mennais Institute is expanding and now provides Primary, Secondary and Preparatory education to 1500 students.

In February 2001, two Brothers settled in the Maldonado Nuevo Parish, located 100 km to the East of Montevideo.
Today, the Dionisio Díaz Centre of Maldonado welcomes poor young people from the surrounding area by helping them to better integrate into society through workshops and activities that make them grow as humanly, educatively and socially.

Uruguay B

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