Born on the 19 th October 1964, he  attended the College La Mennais at Montevideo. He realized his inter-congregational, novitiate,  at Cordoba in Argentina.

In 1987  he taught at the College Le Mennais at Montevideo was   director of pastoral ministry and then student  of educational administration and  the science of education.

He became deputy head of the College then Director of La Mennais Montevideo and vice provincial.

From 2002 to 2008 he was provincial of Argentina and Uruguay.

From2008, he has been responsible for on going formation in the congregation and lives in Rome at Casa Generalizia since last year. Brother Guillermo has a good command of the three main languages of the congregation: Spanish, English, and French, (not counting the Italian), which gives him an added advantage in the new role assigned to him..