General Council
The general government of the Institute is made up of the Brother Superior General, and the members of his Council and by the general services of the Congregation.

The Brother Superior General and three Brothers Assistants are elected by the General Chapter.

– The Generalate of Rome

Yannick-HoussayBr. Yannick Houssay
Superior General

The Superior General  takes care to promote the unity of the Congregation, the vitality of the religious life of the brothers and their fidelity to the spirit of the Founders and to the mission of the Institute, as well as to the orientations of the General Chapters.


The brothers Assistants  help him elaborate the Institute policy thanks to their reflection and the quality of their discernement. When they will not be visiting the provinces, the members of the General council will reside in Rome, which will allow to have more frequent meetings of the Council when they were gathered during three weeks per year.

The last General Chapters have reshaped the role and the function of the brothers Assisants. They remain councilors to the Superior General in the mission of governing the Congregation and gave their advice about the various matters the Council deals with. But they are no longer in charge of particular geographical or linguistic sectors of the Congregation even if they can receive a special mandate from the Superior General to accompany such or such province. They will be in charge of the animation of the Congregation concerning some dossiers they will be allotted, especially concerning the charism and the shared mission, the vocations and the formatin.

Gildas-PrigentBr. Gildas Prigent


 Gerard-ByaruhangaBr. Gérard Byaruhanga




Guillermo-DávilaBr. Guillermo Dávila